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Network Security

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In 2015, 117,866,236 personal records (held by financial institutions), where exposed according to a report published by ITRC Data Breach Report. In 2017, (as of Many 10, 2017), that number has reached 898,085,144 that’s a 661% increase.

So I’ll ask you this simple question. “Is Your Network Secure”?

If you answered “No or I’m Not Sure”, we need to have a conversation, so this doesn’t happen to you.

The ways in which our managed network services can help you:

  • Configure and maintain your business’ computer network
  • Install, configure and maintain your network hardware
  • We use and recommend FirtiGate gateways, routers, and switches
  • Deploy and manage antivirus, firewalls and other diagnostic applications to ensure reliable security
  • Deliver managed network services that regulate user access within the company so that sensitive data is always protected against all security breaches

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